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Information about PV Marlin Sport fishing

PV Marlin Sport Fishing was started and is run by an amazing team of an American
who loves to fish and a Native Puerto Vallartan who knows the local waters as well or better than anyone.

Please see our testimonials by past customers
, some even give their emails so feel free to contact them and ask them about their experience(s) with PV Marlin

Puerto Vallarta Fishing is some of the finest in the world!

The 40-mile wide Banderas Bay is an ideal location for all sorts of big game fish. Inside the bay sport fishermen encounter a huge variety of quality game fish. Some fishermen may prefer to explore the awesome fishing grounds of the Mexican Pacific, where we find Pacific Sailfish, Blue and Black Marlin, Dorado, and Giant Yellowfin Tuna. With PV Marlin we guarantee a high quality fishing experience.
We have a friendly and knowledgeable crew that will listen to what you want to do and offer suggestions to make the best possible fishing experience.

PV Marlin Sport Fishing was born from the love of fishing.

Just Like you we love to fish and it shows. That is why we guarantee our fishing charter service to be nothing short of phenominal. If you give us a try our promise is that you will not regret it. If you don't believe our captains did everything in their power to get you the fish you want, we will cover forty percent of your trip. That’s how sure we are that you will be satisfied with our service. If you don't have a good time, we don’t have a good time!
We are the only IGFA approved Weigh Station in PV, so if you want to be recognized for that record fish, or want to get into the 300# Tuna Club, we can make it official. We are also a member of the Bill Fish Foundation, and we have Tag Sticks and tags on board.

Testimonial from the Owner
What Separates Us From the Rest

We are not a big company that takes your payment, sends you out, and it’s a done deal. Trust me, I know those types of charters.
I grew up in the US and spent many years traveling myself and booking sport fishing charters. I found that some cared about my needs and some did not. Some tried their best to find the fish, and others could care less. They just wanted the money and that was it. The captains supposedly spoke English but it was hard to tell because they never really said much. They just through a line in the water for me and I never really new if there was even fish around.

My promise to you is that PV Marlin Sport Fishing is not like this at all. Fishing is not a business to me but a passion. I guarantee that our Captains will answer whatever questions you may have. They are friendly and will discuss with you what you would like to do.
Obviousely they have professional input on where to go, but they will explain to you where, why, and how is the best method to catch the target fish.

I encourage you to give us a try. We are so sure you will enjoy your Puerto Vallarta Fishing trip we will make an unbeatable offer. If you are unsatisfied that we did not do our absolute best to try and find you fish, just let us know and we will refund 40% of your trip no questions asked. Would a big company that does not care about its customers be able to offer something like this. If you do not have a good time on one of our charters, we do not have a good time.

Give us a try and see for yourself why PV Marlin Fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta can become one of the greatest vacation experiences of your life.

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