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Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report

Puerto Vallarta Fish Report by PV Marlin.


Overall, March was a disappointing month for those looking for ‘trophy’ fish-. With water temperatures down the hunt for big fish has been just that – a hunt. The best catches have been at El Banco and beyond – and by that I mean – way beyond. Almost all the way to Islas Marias. Nevertheless there have been several good days and excellent catches – a few striped Marlin, Yellowfin in the 50 lb+ range and some decent sized bull Dorado (45Lb+). The sailfish have been extremely elusive this month though we manegaed to score 6 on our boat in 11 trips. There have been some reports in the last few days of Black and Blue Marlin moving in to the area (but none landed yet) and also the larger Yellowfin Tuna are showing not far past el banco. If you are serious about catching billfish or a Tuna do a 12 hour trip and we will shoot out there.Its kind of exciting.
Inshore fishing has been a bit more productive in March. The 6 – 8 hour charters have had a lot of success catching large Roosterfish. We have also seen an assortment of Toros (Jack Crevalle), Bonito, Spanish Mackerel, Snappers and Jacks. Several clients have taken advantage of the special being offered at Victor’s Restaurant (just 2 doors down from our store). For 60 pesos (about $5) he will prepare your catch in one of four different ways. What a great way to end a day of deep sea fishing – sitting with family and friends at a dockside restaurant enjoying a fresh fish dinner. Now, that’s a Corona commercial.

Remember, a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.
Tight Lines


Well, so far this March the fishing has been decent.The striped Marlin died off a bit, but they have still been hanging around with 1-2 a day on an average 10-12 hour trip.Because of that, we focused more on other species and did well on Jack Crevalle, some dorado, some amberjack, some pargo and grouper, and some surprisingly large roosterfish.We had planned on the 14 to head out for striped marlin, but due to a seasick fishermen, the group decided to stay close to land (as if that helps), but it turned out to actually help as he got better and we found a bunch of sierra and 3 roosterfish all over 25 lbs.That was fun!So, variety has been the theme this month as we head into spring and away from big game.Another note, is that just in the last two trips we have run into schools of yellowfin tuna in the 15-30 lb range (which is unusual for this time of year).One day we picked up 3 about 20 lbs a piece and the next day we found a huge school feeding on squid, but could not get them to take our bait.Either way, that is a great sign for future fishing as there has been a ton of bait in the area.I expect the fishing to be great the next couple months, and I will even predict a summer full of giant yellowfin like 04.We will see.Until next time.

Tight Lines!!


February had some far above average fishing here in PV for February at least.The striped marlin remained strong all month long and the sailfish just kept coming.The dorado never left.As a general rule Feb marks the slowdown for dorado, but not this year.We landed over a hundred this month on our boat alone.The water temp remains warm so the fish just seem to want to hang around.There were a couple lucky wahoo and even some tuna out at el banco.No giant yellowfin but some in the 40lb range.The jack Crevalle have filled up the bay and off the backside of punta de mita we found 12 roosterfish one day along with a few jack crevalle and a ton of sierra.The amberjack are starting to show out by el moro and corbetenia, so really there was a ton of mixed action in February.I’m looking forward to March to see how things go.For an up to date report please feel free to email us anytime.I’ll report back toward the end of the month.

Tight Lines!!


Well, the remainder of Jan was like the beginning.  We ran into very large amounts of dorado.  We had several days with well over 20 dorado.  The downside was that they generally not that big with the largest around the 40lb mark and the average closer to 16-22 lbs or so.  The striped marlin and sailfish were cruising around out between corbetenia and el banco but they seemed to be rather elusive.  We got two stripers on the 17th and we missed two on the 18th.   The sailfish were mixed in sporadically, but only 6 for the month.  Other highlights were absolutely no trips out of 16 with no fish.  Every single trip we managed to find dorado.  Anyway, lets wait and see what February holds.  As I’m writing this we are already one week in and the dorado have not stopped.  I’ll report again at the end of the month.  Remember – feel free to call or email anytime for specific or current fish reports.






Well, it has been a while since we have left reports and we do apologize.It is not that the fishing has been poor, quite the opposite, but rather that we have slacked in the fish report arena by simply being to busy with fishing.But, now I am going to do my best and get right back on track.Also, please feel free to email us anytime for an up to the minute fish report.So, here it goes.So far this month has been pretty good fishing.Some sailfish, some striped marlin, many dorado and even some tuna yesterday the 12th.The Blacks and Blues appear to be gone, but so did the tuna until yesterday.So you never know.There are also large schools of Jack Crevalle for the shorter trips or as a secondary option on the longer ones.Luckily, this month we really haven’t needed to turn to option two yet and we’ve already been out 6 times.For January fishing in PV, I would say it is about a 7 or 8 out of ten so far.Not to shabby.The economy has kept away many fishermen, but it sure doesn’t seem to be keeping away the fish.I report back at the end of the month to see how the remainder turns out.We’ll be on long trips this entire week, so go ahead and email us for a report if you like.

Tight Lines,





Everything is coming it to full swing down here right now.The water temp is in the high 70s and there are plenty of Tuna, Sailfish and Dorado out there on the longer trips of 8+ hours.On May 12, Ryan fleming and Josh Whittmore landed 4 Sails, 3 Dorado and 4 Tuna to 100#s on a 10 hour trip to Corbetena.†† We have been running mostly the shorter trips in the bay and there are plenty of Jack Crevalle to keep the rods bent. For those looking for some good eating fish on the shorter trips, we can Jig for Snappers and Pargo and you never know when you might just hit a big Amber Jack.I would suggest for anybody coming down to go for the longer trips.We are expecting things to be wide open in June at Corbetena and El Banco.The Striped Marlin are still here and we have been spotting some big Blue and Black Marlin.On a 12 hour trip to El Banco, on May 24, we had a big Blue on for over a half hour and lost him.We would have released him anyway, but we would have liked to released him at the leader to make it official.

We are members of the Billfish Foundation and we do have tag sticks on board. We are also the Official IGFA Weigh Station in Puerto Vallarta.

We how have a 24ft Super Panga that we just added to our fleet for those who want to go for some of our world class Roosterfish.


A few notes on cell phone use down here.They all work, but just make sure you call your provider and tell them you want service in Mex.There is no charge, but you will get charged when you make calls.To call theUS from Mexico, just add 001 before the number.001 213 605 2095.

If you ever run out of cash down here, you can get $400.00 per day out of the machines with your credit card.All you need is your PIN #.

That’s about it for now.

Tight lines, Darryl



Well, we did pretty good in the last 3 months, considering the Big Cow Tuna were a little on the late side this year.Water temps were in the high 80s, but the Tuna just didn’t really show up till late Oct, and when they did show, they were eating those big red crabs.We managed quite a few in the 150 to 200# range, but only got one over 300 for the whole year.The fish are still out there, but most of the boats are running the shorter trips and it takes a 10 or 12 hour trip to get to them.

Our big tournament in Nov. only had a couple of big tuna caught.We took 6th place in the Marlin division with a 240# Blue.

It was a great 3 months for Billfish.We caught and released many Blue and Black Marlin in the 400 to 500# range, with our largest being a 670# Blue. There were 2 Blue Marlin over 1,000 #s caught down here this year that I know of.We were not one of the lucky boats.

The Sailfish were plentiful as usual along with Dorado and the occasional Wahoo.

In Jan, we entered the tournament in Bara De Navidad and took 2nd place with a 220# Blue Marlin.Bara De Navidad is about 120 miles south of Puerto Vallarta.

That’s all for now, and I’ll be writing more next month.

Tight lines, Darryl


Fishing has been spotty this month.  We started out with Striped Marlin, and then they just disappeared.  Next Came the Dorado and we loaded up on a few trips.  The Sailfish and Marlin are there, but we just can't get them to bite.  We think they are eating the small Sardines.  On June 1st, we found the tuna and landed 18 small ones, 15 to 25#s, but the next day we couldn't find a single one and only had 1 lost marlin to show for our efforts. With the water temp warming up every day, we expect it to bust wide open any day now.  A couple of the boats found some of the small Tuna on the south side of the Bay, but no big guys yet. 

Not a real exciting month, but pretty consistent for May.


Wow!What is going on this Spring.This April followed March’s pattern, but with even more action.The stripers seemed to be everywhere (well starting about 35 miles out to 65 miles) and the sails and dorado were mixed in.We landed lots of big dorado this month and tons of small dorado – a bit abnormal for this time of year, but hey, we will take it.Then on some trips we hooked into 10 plus billfish.No tuna yet, but man the action is pretty good out there and I imaging by the water temp they should arrive soon.The short trips consisted of again Jack crevalle, a few grouper, skipjack, cali bonita, and some sweet schools of thrashing pargo to 30lbs on the 8 hour trips.We had some slow days on the longer trips where the stripers and sails did not want to eat, but they were out there all month long.All the boats here have done pretty well as far as spring fishing goes here in PV.Remember, for an up to date detailed report please email us, anytime and we are happy to give it.We get behind every now and then on the monthly reports so please feel free to bug us anytime.

Tight lines!††††


March Fishing was quite exceptional for PV fishing in March.The striped Marlin moved in, in numbers greater than we have seen in a long time.Also, though the regular season went a little slow for dorado, they also started to pick up and we landed them consistently all month.The sailfish seemed to be out there with the stripers, and it really seemed that on the longer trips there was non stop action for billfish (stripers and sails.)On the shorter trips we found a few amberjack, lots of Jack Crevalle, decent amounts of pargo and some grouper.We had a few slow days, but this month we were out over 20 days fishing, and nearly every single trip from 10-12 hours ended up with billfish and dorado, and the shorter trips provided lots of small game, consistent with March fishing here in PV.Hopefully this is a good sign for the start of this season.We will see.


February Fishing
Ė as expected. This month we still got plenty of sailfish, we landed 7 striped marlin and quite a few dorado. Everything did seem to slow in comparison to last month. The tuna disappeared for the most part though we did find some small school tuna in the 10-15 lb range one day. The dorado continued to slow with only one or two a day on the longer trips with the exception of a few lucky days when we loaded up. The sailfish seemed fine with 1-3 a day on the long trips. Also a big lucky wahoo we found off one of the bouys, that was fun. The good news is the pargo lisas were starting to school up and we had some fun on those guys up to about 25 lbs, the amberjack began to show very scarcely, and the jack crevalle are now going strong. Towards the end of the month the water got about as cool as we expect it to be for the season (70-75 degrees) so we are actually looking forward to a warming trend soon. The seas were calm most of the month with a few exceptions and the weather was beautiful. The smaller game really is starting to be fun on the light tackle, pargo, sierra, big cali bonita to 15lbs, jack crevalle to 30lbs, other small jacks, etc. The stripers are still out there but quite scarce, and the sails are still rather consistent though it is not top notch for those guys either. I expect some really fun fishing next month on the smaller game and mixed in sails.


January Fishing was decent. Compared to last year I would actually call it slow, but it definitely was not bad fishing. The striped marlin came in in waves this month with one day out at corb landing 5 stripers and 2 sails. Other trips this month included some nice big pargo as well. All in all what was really happening the most on a consistent basis were the sailfish. The dorado were somewhat consistent as well but for some reason they were not congregating on trash or bouys like in the past. Most our dorado were actually on the troll, though a few times we got lucky and found a pack to live bait. The tuna showed up a few times out at corb and el banco and we hit them only twice this month. Some other boats got lucky and found them as well when they showed up. The tuna were pretty difficult to predict, but if you arrived and they were there, it was time to hold onto the rods. The tuna were in the 100lb range, not like the giant tuna of the summer and fall, but they were still fun. Other notable changes were the jack crevalle beginning to school up with more of a vengeance. On the shorter trips we just decided to target the smaller game and found decent numbers of sierra, roosterfish, pompano, jacks, California bonita, etc. On the long trips 10-12 hours we were almost always able to find some sails and several times a striped marlin or two or once the 5 noted above were mixed in. The fishing conditions were mostly good with a few days of large swells to about 6 feet, but the majority of the times were pretty flat. The water is cooling off fast so I assume the dorado and billfish will continue to slow and we will enter the smaller game season.


Well fishing this December was not quite as expected. The tuna were slower than normal, but still somewhat consistent. The dorado, on the other hand, is what killed the fun. Usually in December dorado all over the place and caught nearly every single trip. Not this December. I guess it was not their year, but next year we will get them back. The good news were the sailfish. They were all over the place. Do dorado eat baby sailfish? I don
ít think so but the pez vela just seemed to be here and there, and over there and the like. All December we were landing sailfish on light tackle left and right. We also hit many striped marlin and a few blacks. Out at corbetenia and el banco we had a few good days with a few giant yellowfin, but nothing to rant and rave about. The Jack Crevalles also started schooling this month which is much earlier than normal. They were not a daily catch, but we did got them here and there. It really seemed like a billfish month with tons of sailfish (well over 30) and I think 2 black marlin, 2 blue, and 4 striped, plus quite a few missed. Unfortunately we had a few fishless days which is very rare for December, but a few times out there we could just not find a thing especially on the short trips. Other days we were able to pull in 4 sailfish and 5 jack crevalle. We also had a few lucky days with a couple wahoo and a giant pargo in the 70lb range while fishing for tuna out at Corbetenia. All and all the month was not bad because of the billfish, but unfortunately we never really loaded up on dorado this season yet. Until next time, best of luck to all you fishermen out there. And remember, please email us anytime for an up to date report as we tend to get behind now and then. Tight Lines


November, 2005. November fishing was not bad this year but the unfortunate part was the lack of dorado. For some reason they never came in this year and were even slow for the tournament. About midway through the month the tuna basically died out as well. At one point we counted 18 commercial seiners out at corbetenia which just killed the fishing. The good news is that there is a bill in the works to stop or at least limit there activity next year. The one species that made up for everything were the sailfish. We did not keep track but surely we brought in well over 40 sails this month to the boat. This was in part because there is just a ton of them around and in part because the other species were slower than normal so we found ourselves targeting the sailfish more often. We also landed about 15 dorado, though last November we were probably closer to 50 or so. We did get lucky on a few big tuna and several smaller ones but the action was definitely not consistent like last month. The marlin slowed down as well but we hooked several and brought only 3 to the boat. Also this month we began landing jack crevalle
ís to 35lbs which was pretty fun for many anglers. Those fish are true fighters. On the inshore trips we got some nice grouper, roosterfish, and sierra. Also one note that in just about everymonth we always have other fish mixed in we just donít put them in the reports. For example skipjack are caught every single day for bait or just for fun.


October, 2005. October fishing here in PV was exceptional. The giant tuna remained out at el banco and minus a few days with bad moons and commercial tuna boats out at el banco and corb the tuna were quite consistent. On top of the tuna were big black marlin on live skipjack and we got 6 all over 300lbs and one pushing 800lbs to the boat this month. We also landed 2 blue marlin in the 250lb range. I lost track of the tuna but it was quite a few. Probably around 20 tuna and many over 200lbs. Also the sailfish seemed to be nonstop and the dorado (though not as consistent as previous years for October) were out and about. We got many of them on the ride out and in. All in all, if you were out there with us for 8 hours or more you were onto some nice fish. All trips were successful this month. Until next time keep lines tight and remember October for prime PV fishing.


September, 2005. Well this report made it out late but there was good reason. The fishing has been real busy and I missed the time. Please remember to email us anytime and ask for an up to date report if I get behind. In any case September fishing was simply outstanding, which is not unexpected here in PV. Finally towards the end of the month the dorado came in full force. The giant yellowfin tuna remained consistent all month with three right around 300lbs and 14 in the two hundred lb range. The big marlin have been fun as well and even though many managed to steal baits, come off hoofs, etc, we pulled in around 8 or so to our boat. And don
ít forget about the wahoo, we hit 3 of those guys and two was on one day. They are not thick yet but they are around for sure. There was one big pargo (60 lbs or so) on an overnight trip and we got some decent size ones testing out the bottom after a big tuna or marlin. The sailfish and dorado we just lost track of (not like we keep tabs on them anyway) but there were quite a few. We were out 24 days this month so needless to say we were pretty busy. The dorado killed lots of time in between other species and we had 1 days of no fish, though we fought a marlin for over an hour. One notebale day was just an 8 hour where we found the dorado and had 8 to the boat in about an hour. In any case, that is not bad for fishing here in PV especially when targeting big game. For more specific reports and specific days send us an email anytime.


August, 2005. I
íll I can really say is top notch big game fishing all month. Despite a couple slow days the majority of the month (especially towards the end) was just simply amazing fishing. We were knocking dead the giant yellowfin tuna all month with many pushing 300lbs and 1 just over 300. We also landed 12 big marlin and the marlin strikes were numerous the largest around 700 lbs and the smallest around 250. The sailfish were out and about like normal and we also got a few dorado. The dorado have been slower than previous years for this month but the tuna have made up for it. It seemed that 10 and 12 hour trips were pretty much a must this month because all the fish were at corb and el banco or even out past corb at a smaller bank where the water was blue when corb wasnít. Another fun thing this month were the pargo. For those who wore their arms out on tuna and wanted some great eating fish we went for pargo with lots of success. Like always the big ones seem to get away. The only bad thing about these guys is they cost too much on the irons. Big Diamond jigs have been working well but when the big ones hit it can be tough to keep these monsters away from the rocks. It is definitely a fun thing to do out over the peaks after a good morning on tuna or marlin. About all I can say is missing is the hot and heavy dorado and PV will be unstoppable. Also we got a big wahoo this month when the tuna didnít want to hit. We call that a slow day because we had to troll after skippies were living way too long in the water. Anyway we trolled, missed one marlin, got one sailfish, and nailed a lucky wahoo. Probably 80lbs or so. That made for some good sashimi. Ok, until next month best of luck fishermen and woman. Like always, for a current report send us an email anytime. Tight Lines


July really picked up on all fish, as predicted for Puerto Vallarta. The giant yellowfin tuna have been caught pretty well, but not as much as everyone would have liked. The marlin and sailfish were consistent this month though the real big marlin have been a bit slow. The dorado just started to show. All in all the action is pretty good. Not too mention all the giant pargo lurking over the peaks at Corbetenia and el banco. These suckers have been hot and heavy when fishing for them we bring in maybe 3 for every ten hookups. They are tough, nasty teeth, strong, smart and head for the rocks to make for one heck of a challenge. We got lots of tuna this month in the 30-40 lb range just coming across schools and loading up. We landed 8 big tuna over 200lbs, usually closer to 280lbs and 5 marlin. We don
ít really count sailfish but Iím sure it is at least 20 or so. We got several small dorado, though the big ones are not quite here yet and several nice pargo. We also are still catching Jack Crevalles on the shorter trips though they seemed to disappear towards the end of the month. Some other species of fish we got this month are rainbow runners, (archoidis) sierra, the obvious skipjack for bait, no wahoo yet, and some other bottom fish while jigging. For an up to date report send us an email and we will respond with current Puerto Vallarta Fishing conditions.or give us a call anytime.


The big game fishing has begun! It has not yet gone into full force but we are seeing some signs. The beginning of the month started off pretty good and we had some really productive trips. One young man and his fiancť came home from a 12 hour with 3 sailfish, 2 nice tuna around 80lbs, and several Jack Crevalles. Other trips this month included many more sailfish, (for some reason they were really a staple), a big marlin that came off after 2 hours, another smaller marlin landed and some smaller tuna
Ė or small for Puerto Vallarta. Then about mid moth the big boys came in and we started catching the giant yellowfin tuna. We landed 4 under 200lbs ( and other sportfishers came back with some as well) and then on the 22 we got some luck on our side and good old Philip and crew came back with a 312 lber. Nice fish guys. Then suddenly the water seemed to turn a little off color and the tuna as well as the skipjacks faded and we did not find any more. We took an overnighter with Mark and son on the 28th and had a lot of fun but the tuna werenít there anymore. We ended up with 4 more sailfish, some jack crevalles, and ridiculous amounts of pompano and PV barracuda that the young boy had a blast catching in the evening. The very next day, the last day of this report we went out with the party I like to refer to as ďthe drinkersĒ on a 10 hour and we came home with two marlin. I guess that is just how it goes sometimes. June is what I like to call the hump month here in PV as it generally marks the start of the big game, but nothing seems here to stay completely. I guess it is a taste or a warm up for what is to come. Overall this month we really had no bad days, not once did we come home unsatisfied because even on the shorter trips we were knocking dead the jack crevalles and sailfish. I donít know about you all but I am excited for July as I am sure the big tuna will be back at some point. Hopefully tomorrow! For all you fishermen who went with us this month and or any month and you would like for me to publish your story please let me know as I will not do this without permission. Also please leave comments on our customer comments page as we are starting to build that up again. The fishing is getting good down here in PV so we look forward to seeing you all down. As always if you would like an up to date report please email us and we will get that out ASAP. We would love to do a weekly report but the truth is we are just plain lazy. Just kidding it is tough to do that, so that is why we are honestly happy to send out a current report anytime.
Tight Lines Amigos


The month of May went quite well as expected! When I say quite well I mean small game fishing at its finest. Most trips accounted for large numbers of Jack Crevalle, quite a few roosterfish, many pargo, lots of big California bonita, skipjack, around 5 or 6 nice amberjack to 80lbs and tons of sierra. The quantity of fish caught is great averaging 10 a day on the 6-8 hour trips. Now also this month we got lucky one day and ran across 3 dorado, that
ís somewhat of a mystery for this time of year especially because it was in the beginning of the month. We also got in one sailfish and missed two others though I like to blame that on the fishermen. Just kidding guys, sometimes they just donít get the hook in all the way. We did get several tuna in the 40lb range but only on the 12 hour trips and like always they were quite a gamble in May. The problem is in May fishing for the bigger tuna is there is a possibility of a long boat ride. I do not recommend it, though that is not to say we may not have a great day as we did one this month with 4 40lb tuna and a missed sail. Anyway for all you big game tuna fishermen next month report is most likely going to be quite different. June is the month of Change here in PV when those giant yellowfins come in so we await the day. Should be soon! As always for an up to the minute fish report send me an email and we will respond with current Puerto Vallarta Fishing conditions.

Tight Lines Amigos


Hey Wait a minute that is only two weeks from the last report! Yep, we have decided to do something new here at PV Marlin Sportfishing. Change the reports to every two weeks? No not quite, but we are now going to keep continuous records of our reports so one day they can be looked upon as a monthly historical record of Puerto Vallarta Sport Fishing. Why not just post up all the past reports? Yea we would love to do that but for some dumb reason we did not hold onto the reports, we just deleted them and moved on. Anyway, we will start fresh monthly from this point on! Also remember if anyone ever wants an up to the minute report just send us an email with Puerto Vallarta fish report in the title and we will respond promptly with a current report. Ok now on to the past two weeks. The end of April has been as expected end of april fishing here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. We have not been killing the fish by any means but we have done quite well on some species. Basically the fishing for the past two weeks has been to target Jack Crevalles, Roosterfish, Pargo, and Amberjack. Our biggest day was an 8 hour trip with 10 nice Jack crevalles and some smaller sierrra, and california bonita mixed in. On one other day we landed 7 nice pargo, 1 amberjack, and some other smaller bottom fish coming to the top with the jig in mouth. On some other days we did not have as much luck and we came home with only sierra, california bonita, etc. These are unfortunate days but do occur at this time of year in Puerto vallarta. On a few other days we landed some nice roosterfish but never more than two, even they seem to have faded away a bit. Lets wait and see what happens in May, because May is the month I like to refer to as times of change for the fishermen in PV. When June hits so do the big tuna, so until next time think big fish. Adios amigos!
Tight Lines


Ok sorry for taking so long on my report. I have been rather busy. Anyway, April has been a pretty decent month so far. We have been doing extremely well on the jack crevalles, roosterfish, very large pargo, sierra, big amberjack, school tuna, and other nice gamefish. It is a pretty fun time of year because the bay is filled with fish. The big marlin and giant yellowfins are not here yet but they will be soon. Check back on the next report for some more fishing info. Also feel free to send us an email anytime for an up to the minute fish report. Oh yea, and some good news for you all. From this month on we will be archiving all our monthly fishing reports down here in Puerto Vallarta so this page will evolve into something that can be looked at for historical Puerto Vallarta Fishing records. Also note that most of my Fish reports are more in depth than this one so don't worry, we will all have an accurate record of the fishing in PV for months to come. Thanks for stoppin by.

Tight Lines Amigos




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